Due to digitization, we are also striving for paper-free
or at least paper-reduced processing of your concerns and inquiries.

We offer you the following options to contact us:


Our support center is the fastest and most convenient solution.


In order to ensure the integrity of the electronically transmitted content, we offer you the option
of encrypted communication to send confidential information.
For this we use the asynchronous encryption method, which we generally recommend using.

For encrypted transmission to our e-mail address, you need our public key, which you can install
in your e-mail program in order to encrypt messages addressed to us.

In Thunderbird, for example, you can find the option to use PGP keys under the menu item 'End-to-end encryption'.

Can be used with any email program or WebMail service. However, it does not offer any protection against spying out or manipulation of the transmitted data or content.

Incoming emails are examined by our mail server in any kind of viruses, malicious programs or the like.

If you want to communicate with us in an encrypted way, you should also let us get your public key.
If you send us unencrypted messages, we will also reply to them unencrypted. We therefore assume that there is no need for you to encrypt your data.

Outgoing emails are also examined for dangers from our mail server.

Nevertheless, messages and data transmitted electronically are generally susceptible to data corruption, data collection, data loss, unauthorized changes, falsification, viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious programs. eMails are sent and received by us only on the basis of the disclaimer of liability for consequences of any kind, in particular by the aforementioned vulnerabilities.

For encryption, the SSL method is used during the transmission, which encrypts the transmission between our servers and our terminals.
To ensure that confidential messages are not transmitted in plain text, we offer a 4096-bit RSA encryption of the content.
Likewise, our e-mails are basically digitally signed to ensure the integrity of the transmitted content.

Even if we do not communicate with you in an encrypted way, our e-mails are basically digitally signed to ensure the integrity of the transmitted content.

With our public key you can check the digital signature of the email and determine its integrity.

We do not recommend using freemail services like 'gmail', 'hotmail' or others for important inquiries or document transmission.

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When sending and receiving e-mails in connection with these services, there is an increasing number of incorrect transmissions, so that we cannot guarantee receipt or delivery of your documents.

In your own interest, please choose another provider or, as a registered AuPair or host family, use our 'AuPair-SKY' service for the secure transfer of your documents

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Sometimes you can't do without...

We always require contract documents in the original by post.

Please send postal items to:

Friedrich Ebert Strasse 16
D - 76437 Rastatt

Last but not least

Call us

If you cannot reach us, please leave a message.

We'll call you back as soon as possible.


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