With AuPair-SKY we have created another option that enables our AuPairs and host families to transmit documents, images and other files quickly, conveniently and, above all, securely.

We thereby make you and us independent from nosy email providers, control authorities and interest groups.

No personal information is required from you to use it.

If you decide to use AuPair-SKY, we will provide you with an access link and a password.


The user interface was deliberately kept slim to make operation as easy as possible.

After logging in, you will be taken to your personal area, which corresponds to the image at the left.

Here you can copy documents that you would like to send to us using drag 'n' drop.

The sending process takes place immediately and automatically. (Online connection required.)

You will also find documents sent to you by us.

All transmissions are encrypted.

The SSL process is used for this, which encrypts the transmission between the server and end devices.

You can register here

No further personal information is required

AuPair-SKY Registration

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