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eMail - sending and receiving

In times of free mail providers like 'gmail', 'hotmail' ect. many people seem to have forgotten how valuable and important a self-administered mail server can be.

Providers of bulk e-mail accounts are increasingly using automatic spam detection on their servers.
This is done with a variety of mindless algorithms that are allowed to decide, but are rarely checked for their suitability and value for the user.
E-mail programs such as Thunderbird sort out spam anyway. And that without the presumptuous censorship of an e-mail provider.

Their reasons are primarily to keep their own server load low by avoiding millions of e-waste and less for the benefit of the user, as is often sold to him. The providers are happy to keep quiet about the fact that the users of the e-mail accounts are being subjected to paternalism and even censorship.
The user believes that he can communicate with the world without restrictions and becomes dependent on gmail & Co. in thousands every day as a willing victim.

The mechanisms used are comparable to a little goblin who sits in the post office and can decide which letters the recipients may receive and which not based on the sender, the color and shape of the envelope or the way the stamp was stuck on.

For a company that relies on an e-mail address from such a provider, this is tantamount to corporate suicide. Imagine that an e-mail provider decides whether the e-mail is delivered with a lucrative job for the company or whether it is rejected as supposed spam.
Or the applicant who is waiting in vain for a job offer or a confirmation link to be sent.

Actually unthinkable in Europe!
It is to be hoped that supervisory and regulatory authorities will step in and put a stop to this machinations soon.

eMail encryption

Surely you have heard of "sticking letters shut" before.

Or how would you react if you received a private letter that has already been opened and perhaps read?

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