FAQ for host families

How do I get an AuPair?

Basically, it is not difficult to find young people abroad who are looking for an au pair position in Germany. Relevant platforms on the Internet are full of them.

The difficulty lies in finding a really suitable AuPair who also meets the requirements. Afterwards you have to fight your way through the jungle of bureaucracy in order to finally be able to take on a halfway suitable AuPair.

With your order to us, we take over all this work for you and provide you with an au pair that suits your needs.

Many of the AuPair applicants have been checked and selected by our agents abroad. The well-known "lazy fishes" are thus reduced to a minimum.

Of course you can look for an AuPair on one of these platforms and commission us to handle the formalities for this applicant.

Problems with our AuPair

The cultural differences seem to be bigger than we expected.
Find out in advance about the culture of the au pair's home country and talk to him/her about the culture of the host country. The background of the AuPair program is a mutual cultural exchange, which is about getting to know a new culture for both sides.

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