How do we get an AuPair? the most common question asked by families who would like to host an AuPair.

It's really simple...

or isn't it?

If you like it...

  •  receiving dozens of emails every day

  • get to know the limits of your e-mail inbox

  •  to lose track of your applicants after a week at the latest

  •  to give up annoyed or fall for a 'lazy fish'

Then the best solution for you is:

  • You register with an AuPair portal that advertises with as many members as possible

  • You place a wanted ad in a newspaper or - or better - on the Internet - or even better - in a social network

Would you rather...

  • focus on the welfare of your family?

  • not be overwhelmed with expensive offers for so-called 'premium memberships' or similar?

  • not have your personal information and photos scattered randomly across the internet?

  • not be bombarded by emails from the 'world's best au pairs'?

  • host an AuPair who suits you, meets your expectations and the needs of your family?

Then you should think about this solution:

  • You register with our agency free of charge

  • We will put you in touch with an AuPair that really suits your family

  • We are on hand with help and advice

  • If you have difficulties, we support you

It's worth considering...
The decision is yours.
Just a few basic requirements must be met...
...and a few more,
that we would like to see fulfilled to protect your family and our AuPairs.

Do you have questions or need further information?

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