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But what does an
AuPair cost us?
...is the second most common question asked by families who would like to host an AuPair.


...the piggy bank does not have to be slaughtered for this!

The costs for an AuPair are made up as follows:

  •  The pocket money for your AuPair. This is currently € 280.00 per month
  • Health insurance that protects your AuPair against accidents, illness and pregnancy. Depending on the provider, these amount to between around €40 and over €100 per month
  • The participation of € 70.00 per month of the stay towards the costs of attending a language school according to the Goethe standard to deepen the knowledge of the German language
  • The cost of a public transport ticket to reach the educational institution offering the language course
  • Meals and accommodation for your AuPair
  • The transport of your au pair from the airport of arrival to your place of residence, as well as the transport from your place of residence to the airport of departure after the end of the au pair year, if you do not provide this transport yourself

The following costs are not compulsory, but your AuPair would be happy to receive a subsidy:

  • The visa fees that need to be paid at the embassy in the AuPair’s home country. These amount to approx. € 70 - 80 and can also be higher in some countries
  • A travel accident insurance that your AuPair must take out against accidents during the trip. These amount to between € 30 and 50 and are usually required to obtain a visa.
  • The cost of the trip. There is no obligation to take over. However, you can conclude a financing agreement for the travel expenses with your future AuPair. We will send you a corresponding form on request

Be sure to avoid paying for:

  • an allegedly faster obtaining of the visa
  • alleged family accomplishments or obligations
  • Health services, such as operations or accident care for family members ect.
  • alleged security payments at airports, embassies, organizations, or service companies

Such requests are fraud!!!
If you are confronted with such inquiries,
please inform us immediately!

You can find further information in our FAQ
And what are the placement costs?
And our agency fees are also impressive!

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And what do we get for it?

Smartphone bitte drehen

  • We take care of the entire application process for you
  • We look for candidates for you whose application profile meets your requirements and introduce them to you
  • Through personal interviews, which we conduct with a large number of our applicants, we get a personal picture of the candidates. Here, not only technical knowledge is tested, but also personal and character traits are evaluated
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