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Our AuPair applicants are carefully selected by our agents, sometimes personally in their home country.


AuPair applicants are only admitted to the application process after confirmed proof of identity.


A personal interview is one of the basic requirements for admission to the application process.


Only after the selection process has been successfully completed will the AuPair applicants be released for placement.

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Selection of suitable host families

The selection of suitable and suitable host families who are willing to host an AuPair is one of our main tasks. Various criteria must be taken into account, such as the interests and needs of the au pair, the culture and language of the family and their way of life, as well as the availability of board and lodging.

We attach great importance to careful selection to ensure that the AuPair feels comfortable in the host family and has a positive experience in the host country.

Placement free of charge

Our service of placing an au pair with a host family in Germany is always free for AuPairs.

AuPair applicants can register with us and state their ideas and requirements for a host family.

After the application documents have been sent in full, the placement process begins, in which we look for suitable host families and establish contact.

Ideally, this leads to a successful placement and the au pair can spend their time abroad with their host family without having to spend money on the placement.

Provision of required documents

Au pairs who want to live and work with a host family in Germany must submit a number of documents in order to receive their residence permit.
These documents can include, for example, a passport, a visa, proof of education, a clearance certificate and a medical certificate.

It is the responsibility of the prospective AuPair to provide these documents to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements and can legally enter their host family and host country.

We help to compile the documents and check them for completeness.

Online language training to refresh language skills

We offer accompanying online language training for our AuPairs in order to further deepen the language skills they have learned. This service will be activated for the AuPair after the AuPair contract has been concluded.
Online language training to refresh language skills is an opportunity for prospective AuPairs to improve their foreign language skills or bring them up to date in order to be able to prepare for their future tasks.

The online training usually includes modules on various topics that are useful for AuPairs, such as exchange with the host family, dealing with children and everyday use of the language in the host country.

It has many benefits that cater to the needs of prospective AuPairs.

  • Firstly, it is cost effective as there are no travel expenses, room and board as with face-to-face training.
  • Second, the training can be done anytime, anywhere, making it easier for prospective AuPairs to fit their training into their daily routine.
  • Third, the online training exercises are typically interactive, so the learning process can be customized to meet the specific needs and weaknesses of each participant.
  • Fourth, the online training can also be used for continuous training after the program stay.

All in all, the online language training to refresh language skills offers a flexible and effective range of courses for prospective AuPairs to better prepare for their future tasks and to improve their language level.

Preparation for travel and stay

We support our AuPairs with the preparatory steps they need to take to prepare for a trip abroad and to cope during their stay there.

As an AuPair you are in a foreign country and take care of the children of a host family. It is therefore important to prepare for the cultural differences and lifestyle of the host country.

Thorough preparation ensures that an AuPair is safe and successful during their travel and stay in another country.

Care during the stay

During their stay in Germany, AuPairs receive intensive support from us.
We serve as an intermediary between the host family and the au pair and offer support with questions and problems.

The support during the AuPair stay is therefore an essential part of the program and ensures a successful and positive experience for everyone involved.

Preparation for the visa interview

Preparing for the visa interview are the first steps an AuPair applicant takes to prepare for the upcoming visit to the embassy related to their visa application.

The visa interview is part of the visa process and is conducted by the country's embassy to assess the applicant's eligibility to enter the country. Our AuPair applicants are prepared for this accordingly.

Good preparation for the visa interview can help to avoid possible problems or delays in the visa application process and increase the chances of successful entry.

Advice on all questions relating to the stay and the AuPair year

For many questions about your trip and your stay, answers are available in our FAQ. These are unlocked for you after the conclusion of the AuPair contract. If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal before and during your stay.

Provision of concepts for further training opportunities after the AuPair year has been completed

There are AuPairs who only see the AuPair program as an opportunity to improve their language skills and expand their intercultural skills.

After the end of the AuPair year, however, many would like to further develop their skills or discover new talents.

This is where our "concepts for further training opportunities" come into play.
These concepts are provided by us to help the AuPair achieve their career and educational goals.

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Search for suitable applicants

The search for suitable AuPair applicants is one of the core processes of a reputable AuPair agency.

The search can involve various steps, such as posting a job advertisement, conducting interviews and checking references and previous work experience.

We conduct thorough application and selection processes to ensure that the potential AuPair applicant is a suitable choice for your family.

The aim of this search is to find an AuPair applicant who not only meets the host family's requirements but is also a good personal and cultural fit with the host family.

Fair contracts

In our agency work, we attach great importance to the fact that the AuPair contract is fair for both parties and that the needs of both sides are taken into account.

For host families, our contracts include a clear description of the expected duties and responsibilities of the AuPair, such as the amount of childcare, as well as doing light household chores or accompanying the children to activities.

For the AuPair, all relevant information about the host family household is included, including the number of children, the children's ages and their needs, and information about the local area.
The working hours and salary of the au pair are also clearly defined.

Verification of applicants

The AuPair applicant verification is an internal process that potential AuPair applicants have to go through in order to be able to work as an AuPair in a host country.

This check is carried out by us to ensure that the applicant has the necessary qualifications, skills and personality traits to work as an AuPair.

Verification criteria include language skills, willingness to learn, responsibility, trustworthiness and cultural sensitivity. The verification is intended to protect both parties and ensure that a successful and smooth cooperation is possible.

Cheap prices

In order to host an au pair, host families usually pay a placement fee to an au pair agency or organization to place an au pair with a host family and provide related services.

The fee can vary significantly depending on the agency.
Compare our agency fees with those of other agencies and their range of services.

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Evaluation of applicants

As an agency, we collect information such as CV, references, personal interests and skills of the applicant and conduct interviews to check whether the applicant is suitable for the position.

The assessment also includes a check of language skills and childcare skills.

At the end of the process, the applicant is given an assessment that reflects their suitability to be an AuPair and is intended to help them be placed in a suitable family.

Care during the stay

Supporting the host family during an AuPair stay includes, for example, clarifying organizational issues, cultural differences and communication problems.

The goal is optimal care for the children as well as harmonious and successful cooperation between the au pair and the host family.
We are available as a contact and supporter for this purpose.

Completion of the formalities

After sending all the necessary documents, we take care of all the formalities for you. Exceptions are those that can only be dealt with by you personally. (e.g. declarations to authorities)

All data protection regulations are of course observed and contracts are protected by us against forgery and changes.
Documents sent will be destroyed after they have been dealt with and after a possible retention obligation according to security level 5.

Advice on necessary measures before and after the arrival of your AuPair

The counseling covers various topics to help the host family ensure that the AuPair has a good time with them and that the relationship between both parties is positive.

Possible measures include, for example, visa regulations, insurance, accommodation, transport, working hours, leisure activities and compliance with agreements and expectations on both sides.

Aftercare for a smooth transition after completing the AuPair year

Supporting and accompanying the AuPair after the end of the AuPair year is also an important process when the AuPair returns to their home country or travels on to a new country.

The aftercare is intended to ensure that the au pair year ends as smoothly as possible for the au pair and host family and that the au pair enters the new phase of their life with a positive attitude.

Saying goodbye to the au pair can be difficult for children in a host family. The AuPair was an important part of their everyday life and often helped them to learn new things and about life in the AuPair's home country. But saying goodbye to the children is often very emotional for the AuPair as well.

Therefore, an important part of aftercare is maintaining contact between the AuPair and the children. In this way, the children can keep in touch with the AuPair even if they no longer have them around every day.

We are also happy to assist you with advice and action on this sensitive topic.

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